• Molecular/Cellular

    • Show structure and function of molecular mechanisms and cellular processes that cannot otherwise be seen

  • Pathological

    • Demonstrate abnormal structure and function and its relation to disease states 

  • Med-Legal

    • Depict anatomy, surgeries, and/or pathologies in defense malpractice cases or plaintiff personal injury cases to assist the jury’s understanding

3D Modeling

  • Modeling of cellular, anatomical, or mechanical structures for use in illustrations or animations 


Subjects include molecular mechanisms, cellular processes, medical procedures, explanation of anatomy, and more.


  • Storyboarding: Conceptual preliminary drawings with the intention of producing a final animation

  • 2D animation: Instructional or informative animations to enhance learning

  • 3D animation: Instructional or informative animations enhancing depth and space in three dimensions 



  • Anatomical/Physiological

    • Demonstrate relationships between normal or abnormal anatomical structures in order to educate

    • Demonstrate relationships of structure to function and clarify physiological processes

  • Patient Education
    • Inform a general audience on procedures, pathologies, self-care, etc. to improve quality of health care

  • Surgical

    • Highlight important steps in surgical procedures, commonly to teach doctors and residents

    • Depict instruments and innovative technologies



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