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3D Models

Digital modeling of cellular, anatomical, or mechanical structures for use in medical illustrations or animations


Brain - Hemisected brain with blood supply. Extracted from DICOM data and refined in ZBrush. Materials and lighting in Cinema4D.

cell with watermark & Copyright.jpg

Cell Organelles - Scene of a nucleus, rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, and vesicles. Modeling, materials, and lighting in Cinema4D

neuron with watermark & copyright.tif

Neurons - Scene of nuerons and oligodendrocytes. Modeling, materials, and lighting in Cinema4D

Skull - Modeled in ZBrush  and Cinema4D,  materials and lighting in Cinema4D

Surgical Scissors - Modeling, lighting, and materials in Cinema4D

Left Scapula - Modeling, lighting, and materials in Cinema4D

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