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The Principles of Hypersensitivity Interactive iBook

The goal of the iBook was to improve learning of hypersensitivities and complicated immune processes so students may better apply the knowledge to their future practice. This was done by incorporating interactivity that allows more engagement and a variety of media that provides multiple means of learning information.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, iBook Author, Keynote


This iBook on Type II and Type III hypersensitivity reactions and autoimmune disorders builds upon a previous project on Type I Hypersensitivity by Mat Severson in 2015. The iBook’s primary audience is second-year dental students at the Dental College of Georgia, but may be used by other graduate students learning immunology as well. Each chapter features an animation, review questions, and figures to help clarify information and repeat key ideas. The final chapter contains a summary table comparing all types and an interactive review students can use to test themselves. 

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